Workshop Testimonial

From Siti

For me, it really opened my eyes to what our women have been going through. It made me feel that I lead a sheltered life. I teared up when one of the ladies spoke about losing her brother. This 28th Feb 2018, my brother would have been gone a year right after Ra'eesa's 6th birthday. I have felt empty until I heard hope in their voices when they know what they would be doing in this campaign would help others. I agree with Jagi, they will try their best. We will do our best. You and your coaches made a difference when you conducted the workshop. You listened to us, the core team, what we thought the ladies needed and how it would need to be presented to them. You and the coaches gave the ladies a voice and a safe place to tell their stories just like you did with the core team, with me. You have empowered us, strength in numbers. Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work, time and patience with us and the ladies. I look forward to learning more from you and your team. Do send my gratitude to them for making the time for our workshop, Junko.

Appreciate it alot. 

Let's get our snowflake teams grow, Junko...  :) - SITI