CLinked has been working to combat human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Asia. It is an organization launched 3 years ago by a group of Harvard University Fellows and students. Working with local partners, foundations and NGO’s, the founders of CLinked have focused their work in two areas, education initiatives and radio programming.

There is a tremendous need for education initiatives. Providing scholarships for vulnerable and trafficked women is the key to identifying and developing leaders and role models in local communities. Founded by Pam McCambridge and Junko Yoda, CLinked has been providing scholarships for computer training and English language education to survivors. These emerging leaders are now empowered to support each other through peer networks, conferencing and public education and awareness.

CLinked’s second area of focus is designing and implementing radio programming. By utilizing this popular entertainment medium, we can engage audience members about local issues affecting their communities. Topics such as safe migration, health, legal aid and gender equality heightens awareness and strengthens the ability of victims and other women at risk to take actionable steps to help ensure their safety.

Working with Save the Children and Children’s Crisis Center in Indonesia, Clinked and education specialists conducted personal development, life skill and job readiness workshops.

CLinked collaborates with local NGO’s in Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the United States to change the social systems that allow modern day slavery to exist.

As we continue our research and project expansion, we need your help and participation. There is great urgency and much work to be done. Our goal is to eliminate the acceptance and tolerance of sex trafficking and to dramatically heighten awareness of the depth of the problem. We are all inextricably linked and we need to mobilize around these fundamental human rights violations.