Teacher Training Workshops For An Anti-Trafficking Group

CLinked held a 3-day Anti-trafficking workshop in Singapore with PSIE teacher trainees from Yangon. This is the fourth workshop CLinked held for PSIE teacher trainees and was attended by 17 participants, including Sister Grace.

On the first day, the participants learned about human trafficking laws, causes for human trafficking, tricks used by traffickers, migration and prevention. These challenging topics were explored through experiential learning, theater, movies and song.

On the second day, the group brought gifts to 5 young Myanmar victims at a shelter and provided a safe space where the victims could speak about their experience. Kirsten Law, from the JRS trafficking team, coordinated the volunteers with Peacewalkers. This dedicated group of volunteers provide support and care to the sex workers through food and conversation on a weekly basis.

By the third day, the participants were quite moved. They learned how to create their own lesson plans to teach to their children.

The most satisfying moment was when Bernadette, who took last year's course, told us that she has taught 250 children 6 sessions on human trafficking! A wonderful example of CLinked’s “snow flaking” in action.