Arrival in Jakarta

Junko and I met in the Jakarta airport and flew to Bandar Lampung, arriving at 1:25pm to begin our 10-days Indonesia experience. Fortunately we were met at the airport by Ekan and Didid from Save the Children and dropped at our hotel. After spending 2 minutes on the road, I knew that getting behind the wheel of a car after 2 days of travel was out of the question. There were cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, all sharing the road. As far as I could tell there were very few lane designations, traffic lights or helmets. It was orderly chaos but very different from the rules of the road in the US.


Junko had met Ekan and Didid on her last visit to Indonesia and they expressed a need for funding community radio programming to help eliminate commercial sex trafficking in their local communities.

We were excited to begin to meet  their partner  NGO’s that help make their work possible. But that would have to wait until tomorrow. It was time to check into our hotel, dinner, and sleep!